Holistic Healing

Renew your body, mind and spirit with our  ancient, time-honored, traditional healing arts combined with the latest science-based technologies.  Go home energized, glowing and relaxed, nurtured and refreshed, at peace, with a sense of renewed balance and direction.

Our most popular services include Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Myofascial Release (MFR), Business & Life Coaching,  Intuitive Readings, Past Lives, Motivational Speaking and Weddings.   We offer unique advanced energy healing and life coaching techniques with one of the area’s top metaphysical doctors (Spirit Doctor) with over 20 healing techniques.  Come explore and discover the depths of your spirit.

Some of your Goals:

  • Relax, improve sleep
  • Make a major life choice, Lose weight, Find the love of your life, change careers
  • Start or grow your business
  • Reduce stress and pain (physical or emotional)
  • Increase energy, fitness or flexible
  • Get support for life’s transitions, cradle to grave…
  • Restore self to wholeness
  • Be at peace with loved ones/coworkers
  • Increase your natural healing abilities
The ability to carry out daily tasks, enjoy leisure time pursuits and handle emergencies with vigor, passion and confidence.


Muscles only- relaxation lasts an hour to couple days then need to repeat.


Spine adjustments – need to keep adjusted, keep a maintenance program. We do not do chiropractic.

Holistic Healing:

A truly unique experience every session working with many tools to help the Body, Mind and Spirit.   Some come just for the relaxation, some come for very hard healing work.  We’ve seen clients healed in one session and others into their third year of bi-weekly visits, the pace is set by you.  Often healing is like an onion and your spirit guides us as to what layer it wants to work on during your visit.   Our therapists work on earth and metaphysical levels of heaven and hell which can sometimes even span time into past generations.


Hello, my name is Linda and I have a passion for helping folks reach their potential through holistic wellness.  I have a PhD in healing and life coaching and offer you many advanced techniques which you probably will not find anywhere else in the Philadelphia area.   I believe we all can gain the love, health and wealth that we deserve by removing the blockages and painful lies from our lives, setting the right intentions and doing the work.   I founded Bender Healing to be a one stop shop to support your doctor’s work; she says relax, we can help… she says loose weight or get more exercise or go on a special diet, we can help..we also help your doctor’s work through medical intuition and psychic surgery. Everything we do is personalized based on your needs and preferences.

Life coaching includes all aspects of life.  I’ve helped business people form plans or control systems for their companies (MBA business consulting), woman get pregnant, couples enjoy each other more, people make decisions about their living situations, parents move their relationships with their children into adult friendships, set up plans to get out of debt, find the right doctor or lawyer, prepare to die and much more.  Wherever there is a ‘I want to’ in your life that is where I can help.

Bender Healing has grown into a wonderful spirit center which you would typically find on the west coast, a mind/body center.   Here we address your metaphysical or paranormal questions in addition to your typical nutrition and fitness.  We have folks come to us because they or a loved one is seeing spirits, we can help.  We have personal trainers, licensed massage therapists, Reiki masters and other healers.  We also mentor other healers.

Our unique center is a safe place you can work one-on-one with your therapist on issues of the heart, mind and soul as well as your body.  I invite you to experience the benefits of holistic health.  Enhance your well-being through a private session or workshops in fitness, nutrition, personal growth and energy medicine.

One of my favorite things is to watch a client fly higher than they every thought, watching the light and joy in their faces makes the hard work worth it.  Enjoy the website information, there are lots of little hints in the blog and hope see you soon!

Blessings.  Linda Bender, PhD metaphysical doctor and psychic surgeon

Session information:

Bodywork only session: Some people come to get their pains stretched out using bodyworks of myofasical release, acupressure points, shiatsu and reiki.  These sessions can last between 30-60 minutes and are good for folks who slept the wrong way or over did their favorite sport or are recovering from a surgery or accident.  We also provide scar releasement work for those with painful or deep scars.

We also do more of a counseling only session without the table work specifically to help improve relationships or set up plans for life improvement.

A typical full session usually lasts 60 minutes.  A client receives what their spirit wants. It can be a combination of any of 20 tools we use including Reiki, an energy cleaning and chakra balance as well as removal of negative entities.  They also receive any necessary life coaching on matters of nutrition, exercise and dealing with the heart issues exposed by your spirit.  Clients may also receive a combination of bodywork including acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology and myofascial release if there is physical body pain.  If there is spiritual issues there may be spirit work including past life work, shamanic journey work or prayer based work including meditations.  The client can go home with homework including journal work, meditation work, exercise program and or if the client is interested in learning self care healing, some self healing work.  Some of the homework may be a simple as making an appointment with your dentist or doctor or taking your spouse out on a date or may be more difficult like exploring the idea a jealousy, forgiveness, anger or death.

Speed of healing will be based on your spirit and your actions/homework completion.  Session results lasts until you do something to shift the result. Many people report feeling the healer’s presence days later.

If in pain or ill, many people want a guarantee or promise a healing will help and some want a miracle cure in one session.  And while we’ve seen miracles in some cases, each person and situation is unique.  The majority of the time you need to do the work to get to your cure.  The session helps your body, mind and spirit into a better position to heal.

Nothing is forced. The spine adjusts if your spirit wants to use the healing that way.  The mind adjusts if  your spirit wants to use the healing that way.  Also know if pain is spirit based, nothing but a healing will release it.

Healing is different than cure. When healed, the body may still have problems, but you are connected back into the universe, right with your life’s path and the body problems do not have overwhelming power over you.  You are more relaxed, your body, mind and spirit work better and you life works better.  Your body is set up to help  itself towards a cure.  Realize healers may have tools to help you towards your cure, but only you and God can cure you.  Often we refer you to doctors or other professionals to help you get the tools you can use.  We recommend an annual checkup once healed.

We are an interfaith ministry and help people explore their own belief system.   We are non-denominational Bible believing Christians most familiar with the Judeo-Christrian faiths, but we have help folks explore various faiths.  What is important to us from a spirit perspective is your connection to God as you understand it.


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Wellness: The ability to carry out daily tasks, enjoy leisure time pursuits and handle emergencies with vigor, passion and confidence.

Our favorite client type is a middle aged woman facing life's challenges such as children growing into adults, aging parents, flat marriages, divorce, seeking a new love, changing bodies, or they have a health challenge to face. We have plenty of tools and methods to help these ladies live a more enjoyable life as they move into their wise woman phase of life.

Encouraging people to achieve balance in spirit, mind and body. Advanced Energy Medicine and Business & Life Coaching includes Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Intuitive Readings, Nutrition & Personal Training and More.

Business Changes

We are working with the new name of Good Life Spirit Center as our Building to allow others to join us.  Bender Healing is our ministry.

Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer your services in administration, event, marketing or healing areas.

We are 501(c)3 and rely on your support.
Send checks to:
Ancient Joy Ministries
DBA Bender Healing
P.O. Box 143
Valley Forge, PA 19481-0143
Quarterly News and Specials

Corporate Wellness – Business Programs

Corporate Wellness Unique Educational and hands on programs at your site can help your staff make healthy lifestyle choices. Wellness programs have been proven to reduce employee absenteeism and stress, increasing productivity. Some studies estimate an eight fold Return on Investment. Gift certificate programs also available as rewards or as client thank-you options. Call for more information


Help with love life issues
Stretched out clients sore backs, necks and legs
Removed negative energies
Help client leave lover and return to spouse
Needleless Allergy Eliminations for food & chemicals
Helped a client process a divorce
Help woman conceive
Removed several death imprints controlling folks
Helped a client determine ways to million
Cleared negative energy from a family gathering
Helped several folks with colds
Provide QiGong exercise for hearing problems
Supported family through death
Help a client grieve the loss of a pet
Investigated a religion someone wanted client to join
Removed negative energies from a house so it will sell faster, set up a welcoming and buy intention
Joined couples in marriage
Helped a client understand how to forgive
Cleared a remote client's spirit lungs from drug taken 20 years ago, client reported smelling and tasting it
Pointed someone in a direction for a new living space
Help a person understand death process
Help find which doctor/professional to go to


You agree that your session and consultation is subject to your own interpretation and is for your personal growth purposes only. Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Choices and actions based on the content of your session are your own responsibility.

You must be at least 18 years or older to receive services- except where noted. Parents and legal guardians may request services for their children. You must live with the United States for us to call you, we can communicate through e-mail.

When you register for any service you are agreeing to operate under these legal statements. Also note privacy is guaranteed, but legally we must report suspected child abuse.
A ministry of Ancient Joy Ministries