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Personal training is just that personal. It should be tailored to each individual’s body and goals.  We work one-on-one and in small groups to help you meet  your fitness goals.

Charles Peeples will help you with strength training.

Charles has been advancing women’s bodybuilding/fitness since 1990, having written numerous articles for fitness magazines.  In addition to having weight-trained for 30 years, Charles has been Nationally-Certified by both ACE and NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). He also holds the NSCA’s Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) credential.

You can learn more about Charles’ passion in this area at

Linda Bender certificated in Sports Nutrition and Master Personal Fitness Training.  Her focus in personal training is to create flexibility and movement.  She  completed an olympic sized triathlon, hiked the 140 mile horse shoe trail and biked the MS 150, so she has a special heart in training those preparing for an endurance event.    She loves to incorporate balls, bands, dance and qi gong into her exercise routines.  She is living proof that you don’t have to be tiny to be fit, she is a queen size gal and doesn’t let size stop her fun and fitness.

Note from Linda: At Bender Healing I work as a master personal trainer, my main goal is balance, movement and flexibility and I work with some folks that are coming back from injury or illness who have been cleared by their doctor to work with us.   We also have an excellent personal trainer, Charles Peeples, whose goal is strength building (his arms look like he is a relative of Atlas).

I just showed him my newest piece of equipment of a 7 pound kettle bell and he just smiled.  I could almost hear the laughter beneath that smile knowing what his clients lift.  His weight room is heavily equipped.   We know both styles of training are needed to create wellness I am more for anyone starting out or the special people groups, some who can hardly move.   As the strength grows folks can move on to Charles for a more weighty workout. There is no reason anything should limit you from gaining the benefits from working out if your doctor has cleared you to do so.  Make your wellness top priority- you only get one body! See you soon!  Linda

What does a Master Personal Trainer do?   They are trained to work with special people groups such as those with diabetes, fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis,  elderly ,obesity and heart issues.  These special groups of people need a different approach to fitness than the general population.  Master Personal Trainers still work to build strength and flexibility in their clients, but they do it in a way that adjusts to their special clients needs.

As an example lets take a Fibromyalgia client which effects 10-15% of the population.   These people are in constant pain.  Often the client is not able to differentiate between the pain they feel every day and the pain they feel while working out, thus traditional exercise can be injurious or even believed to cause permanent disability.   So the pace is started out at about one tenth that of the general population and it is grown very slowly.  The body checks are more frequent and the workouts are kept at 15-30 minutes.   We often work them using their own body weight or lighter weights or bands, they may get qi gong exercises, stretching exercises or balls and bands depending on their interest and ability.

The goal is for these clients is to gain mobility, strength and energy.   One thing a master personal trainer understands is the Fibromyalgic (and those with Chronic Fatigue) client’s body only really functions between 11am and 2pm and if they are fortunate they get a second functioning between 5pm and 7pm.   The timing of their workout can either be detrimental to the energy level or helpful, unfortunately there is no general rule because each client is different but we know these clients working out before 9:30am is a detriment to their total energy quotient.   The old rule of workout to gain energy doesn’t directly apply to this special people group.  Working out the wrong time can be interrupt sleep patterns and detract from their total energy.

This is just one example of a special needs group.  Hopefully, you get a feel for what the difference is between a personal trainer and a master personal trainer.

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Helped a client process a divorce
Help woman conceive
Removed several death imprints controlling folks
Helped a client determine ways to million
Cleared negative energy from a family gathering
Helped several folks with colds
Provide QiGong exercise for hearing problems
Supported family through death
Help a client grieve the loss of a pet
Investigated a religion someone wanted client to join
Removed negative energies from a house so it will sell faster, set up a welcoming and buy intention
Joined couples in marriage
Helped a client understand how to forgive
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