We lecture on various wellness topics and adapt content to your group’s needs. Offering business and other wellness topics at your location.  We can provide an introduction to any of our healing styles. Please see the events page to sign up for current programs. The lists below are just a sampling.

Classes for adults,  those 13 -18 may attend with a guardian.  We adapt content for children groups.  Note our 800 number is going defunct as of 2014, please call 610-724-7472.





Other Classes

Meditation and Healing  events

This geared towards ancient healing.  It may involve meditation, drumming and lecture on a healing topic such as forgiveness, anger, guilt, love, kindness.
Get Stoned Workshop Enjoy the Healing Hot Stones in a group setting using the Huna(Hawaiian) Traditional Healing including visualization and self massage techniques.
Breast Care Workshop Go beyond self-examination and learn preventive methods that can keep the breast healthy.
Scar Workshop Learn how to lessen the pain of a scar through hands-on work. Scars create a network of tissue like an internal cob web that can cause pain and tightness limiting our body.
Spirit Nutrition Workshop Learn how to analyze your spirit’s unique nutritional need.   Stop taking things that are bad for your spirit.  Bring your two favorite supplements for testing.
Diet Benders Science proven that diets make you fat.  This workshop explores how the human body was designed to be fueled and used as well as the spiritual aspects to support proper weight.  To be a Diet Bender one just needs to follow the body’s design specs.
Living Large Boot Camp Tied to the Diet Benders concepts, boot camp for larger people needing to lose more than 40 pounds. Designed specifically for larger people so we promise, no situps, push ups, jumping or running! We will work on flexibility and mobility using walking as our main aerobic activity. Come prepared to sweat! Requires a meidcal doctor’s approval.
Facelift Workshop Learn ancient hands-on methods to improve facial tone.
Allergies 101 Learn natural methods to manage your allergies.
Somatics Class Exercises to reduce pain or walk straighter by using  techniques which retrains your brain how to work your muscles.  Each class is an hour and you need to do home sessions between classes.
Introduction to Reiki Covers the basics of Reiki, how it can benefit you and your family and how to choose a good Reiki Therapist.
Reiki Share Reiki therapists share their gifts with other Reiki Therapists and hopefully pick up some tips during their practice.
Reiki initiation Workshops Obtain Reiki certification for level one, two, three or four.  Each level includes class room time and one hour private session with the Master. Only those with appropriate training and skill will be accepted into levels 2-4.
Reiki Basics For those who want to slowly learn the materials or review the materials without getting initiated.  CEU’s may apply for body workers.
Introduction to MFR Covers the basics of Myofascial Release, how it can benefit you and your family and how you can do some home MFR.
MFR Basics for Energy Therapists This two day class covers the basics  of the John Barnes Myofascial Release technique with practice in basic techniques.  Good for other professionals who are already in the field and curious about MFR.
Myostretch Class Learn to reduce pain by using MFR stretching techniques.
MFR Unwinding Workshop for energy therapists A half day workshop to do group myofascial release unwindings.  An amazing experience you don’t want to miss!

Consider signing up for our newsletter for future class announcements


Most classes are designed for people 13 and older with an adult permission if under 18.   Sorry no child care is provided.  Please do not wear perfumes, jewelry or electronics. Dress comfortable and bring your mat, journal, water and other equipment listed for the class.

You can sign up for our 2013 workshops using the events tab…
Here is the tentative schedule.

Bender Healing Classes/Workshops 2013




On going

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Body Shape at Parker Ford


Woman’s Circle

2-4 second week


Stretchin 11:30Beginners Fitness


Beginners Interval 4:30-5:00

Afterwork Stretch




Beginners Fitness






Beginners Interval 4:30-5:00

Afterwork Stretch



Stretchin 11:30Beginners Fitness



Qi Gong 10:30Body Shape at Parker Ford


Beginners Interval 11:30-12:00




Tentative Workshops

Reiki Mentoring  May 5 (2-6) June 8 (2-6) July 13 (2-6) Aug 10 (2-6)


Allergy Series May 7-21 (Tues 6:30-7:30)

1) Shutting down allergy reaction with Acupressure

2) Needless Allergy Elimination Basics

3) Advanced soul allergies


Spiritual Sexuality May 18 (2-6)

Designed for heterosexually couples who have been sexually active for more than a year who want to take their sex lives to the next level.  Must sign up as a couple, one group session, two private sessions.


Environmental Health Workshop June 9 (10-3)

Will cover some simple offenders you can change in your home and office for better environmental living.   Also covers the issue of geomagnetic stress impacts on the body.  Lunch break between 12-1 so brown bag or enjoy local eatery.


Trauma Releasing series – Body June 11-25 (Tues 6:30-7:30)

1) Trauma Releasing Exercises

2) MFR Unwinding

3) Truth Seeking


Meditation Series June 13-27 (Thurs 6:30-7:30)

1) Laughing

2) Moving

3) Forgiveness

4) Sealing a Healing

5) Moon Phases

6) Loving self


Reflexology June 16 (2-4)


Shamanic Series Workshop

July 27 (1-5) & 28 (2-6)

1) Drum Circle/ Self Journey

2) Simulate Sweat

3) Soul Retrieval


Trauma Releasing series –

Spirit Aug 6-27( Tues 6:30-7:30)

1) EFT/ brain balancing

2) Joining splits

3) Removing trauma and death imprints
4) Reattaching Soul


Reading your Spirit Workshop

Aug 17(1-5) &18 (2-6)

1) Pendulum usage

2) Reading Aura

3) Auric cleanse

4) Chakra Balance


MFR Series Workshop

Aug 24(2-6) and Aug 25(1-5)

1) Intro

2) Basics

3) Unwinding

4) Rebounding

5) Practice


Mystical Series Sept 5,12, Oct 17, 24, Nov 7,14 (Thurs 6:30-7:30)

1) Channeling

2) Twirling

3) Time/Space challenge

4) All one soul

5) I see spirits

6) Mirror Meditation


Past Life Workshop Sept 7 (2-6)


Polarity Therapy Workshop

Sept 10 (6:30-8:30)


Hawaiian Healing Workshop

Sept 14 (1-5) &15 (2-6)

1) Intro

2) Hon’ponopono

3) Spirit levels

4) Healing Practice


Beauty Series Oct 8-22 (Tues 6:30-7:30)

1) Natural Facelift Acupressure

2) Self Massage – Qi Gong

3) Meditation


Ghost Workshop Oct 19(6-9)

Identifying and Clearing – 1 hour lecture than 2 hours looking for Phoenixville Ghost, bring money since we may end up in one of the drinking establishments which have spirits of both kinds.


Pranic Healing Workshop Sat Nov 9 (2-6)

Upping your Prana & Level 1 healing


Law of attraction Series Nov 12-19 (Tues 6:30-8:30)

1) Setting Intentions

2) Right Heart

3) Answers to prayers
4) Attract Abundance


Spirit Releasement series Dec 3-17 (Tues 6:30-7:30)

1) House Cleansing

2) Healing for self

3) Healing for others (advanced)
4) Joining splits


Diet Bending Series TBD

1) Intro

2) Food

3) Exercise

4) Spirit issues 1

5) Spirit issues 2

6) Spirit issues 3


Exotic Dance 1,2,3 TBD
2013 Tentative Public Events


First Friday’s In Phoenixville


May 3, June 7, July 5, Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4
Live Well Expo Sunnybrook Ballroom
April 6 10-3

will be doing a 20 minute healing meditation to reduce stress

Chester County Balloon Festival
June 15 2-10pm

387 Green Valley Rd, Unionville, PA 19375 We will be the exclusive massage, reiki, reflexology and reading tent

Phoenixville Greens Festival
Phoenixville Farmers Market
Sept 21st 9-1

Phoenixville Farmer’s Market – Health series
3rd Saturday 9-1 May – Nov

Still negotiating this… but these are the days the hospital does free screenings.

Autumn Goddess Retreat
West Pikeland Cultural Center
October 5, 10-6pm

Will be doing a 11:30-12:15 chakra balancing meditation in the theatre



All classes are small group and more like mentorship, you will get personal attention.  The materials can also be taught one on one.  For those of you interested in increasing your healing skills consider a mentorship program.  The group level and experience will set the tone for the class, if inexperienced will be an introduction, if clients will be healing demonstrations, if healers will learn/practice the healing technique.

All dates/times are subject to change.  Unless noted otherwise we will be meeting at Bender Healing at 239 Church Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460.



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Help with love life issues
Stretched out clients sore backs, necks and legs
Removed negative energies
Help client leave lover and return to spouse
Needleless Allergy Eliminations for food & chemicals
Helped a client process a divorce
Help woman conceive
Removed several death imprints controlling folks
Helped a client determine ways to million
Cleared negative energy from a family gathering
Helped several folks with colds
Provide QiGong exercise for hearing problems
Supported family through death
Help a client grieve the loss of a pet
Investigated a religion someone wanted client to join
Removed negative energies from a house so it will sell faster, set up a welcoming and buy intention
Joined couples in marriage
Helped a client understand how to forgive
Cleared a remote client's spirit lungs from drug taken 20 years ago, client reported smelling and tasting it
Pointed someone in a direction for a new living space
Help a person understand death process
Help find which doctor/professional to go to


You agree that your session and consultation is subject to your own interpretation and is for your personal growth purposes only. Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Choices and actions based on the content of your session are your own responsibility.

You must be at least 18 years or older to receive services- except where noted. Parents and legal guardians may request services for their children. You must live with the United States for us to call you, we can communicate through e-mail.

When you register for any service you are agreeing to operate under these legal statements. Also note privacy is guaranteed, but legally we must report suspected child abuse.
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