Appointment request

You have already gone through your client intake session with Dr. Linda, if not go to new client appointment. You may make your appointment request, make your donation online and bring your payment receipt to the session or pay at the office.  If you have a prepaid package or special negotiated rates due to hardship situations (disability or between jobs) then that is tracked at the office.  Remember,  our online request calendar shows general availability 48 hours out from this point in time.   If you are trying to make an appointment for today or tomorrow you will need to contact us directly to see what is open.

Appointment requests will be approved if the therapist and room are available.   Do not show up for an appointment until you receive the appointment approval in your e-mail or have a verbal confirmation from the office.

Any questions please contact us at or call or text 610-724-7472- remember to identify yourself and your need… We will return your contact as soon as we are able -typically within 48 hours. We do not have electronic equipment including computers or phones on while we are with clients or in events. You will also be asked to turn off your phone for all energy healings, events.

Note that there are some services that are only available to members and know that if you need a session at your site, you need to call the office for us to determine appropriate travel time/fees.

Take a look at the directions page, since most GPS systems get folks lost, making the trip much more complicated.

We also do  Corporate/Group events within 25 miles of Valley Forge and In-home/hospital sessions within 15 miles of Valley Forge.  We will do special events such as weddings and speaking engagements world wide.

Energy work and life coaching can also be done remotely over the phone. We have done effective energy work thousands of miles away. International work is possible if you provide an English translator.

Paying for your session

We are a donation basis and have minimum donations for specific services which are set below what you would get for equatable services in the Philadelphia market- sometimes 50% off.   If you are coming in for your first session, go to the New Client page.   Typically a session is $120 for a healing, $90 for a massage for public non-member prices.

For members the prices drop to $90 for a healing and $80 for a massage. Monthly membership fees start at $30 and memberships are designed to help the frequent wellness seeker save money. Members also are able to take special services not available to public. If you go for one of the prepay packages you can get even more significant reduction of rate even down to a $65 massage.

All the donations you make for services go to further the work, we have hardship cases (about 25% of the folks we serve) which if you believe you are one, please contact the office to discuss.  Our volunteers are allowed to accept tips and we ask that be done via cash directly to the individual. Any additional monies above the session minimum is made part of the operating fund. All donations are in kind meaning the minimum amount cannot be written off on your taxes only those donations above the minimum amount can, please contact your accountant for details.

Specials and Discounts

  1. If you have a gift certificate, a voucher that you won,  a living social or other similar prepaid coupon or a prepaid session from previously purchased specials or multiple session deal you may go directly to schedule your session at the calendar.
  2. If you have a partial discount such as $20 off a session or a gift card from spaweek, please call the office for pricing.  This also applies if you want to use a credit for a person you referred to our offices.  You may also figure it out by looking at the prices below, subtract your discount and then use that figure for the donate.
  3.  Current Special – Our specials change all the time, so check back on a regular basis, you can see the current special on the right widget of the page.

Legally : You agree that your session and spiritual consultation is subject to your own interpretation and is for your personal growth purposes only. Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Choices and actions based on the content of your session are your own responsibility.

You must be at least 18 years or older to receive services- except where noted. Parents and legal guardians may request services for their children. You must live within the United States for us to call you, we can communicate through e-mail.

When you register for any service you are agreeing to operate under these legal statements. Also note privacy is guaranteed, but we are required by law and report suspected child abuse.

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